Thursday 9 February 2017

Coffee Bootcamp: Roasting Edition

Today was the first day of official coffee bootcamp. Phew. We ended hungry and tired but we learned ALOT! 

The morning was spent learning the ins and out of roasting. By lunch we walked away with a little more of an attitude of "we can actually do this". 

Time, temperature, cooling, color, texture... all important part of the process and if any one of those things is off, you have lost all quality of the roast. 

We kinda figured the higher in elevation the coffee grows the better.... NOT TRUE! The sweet spot is between 4000-6000 feet. 

We also realized how much work we will be putting in visiting coffee farms and getting samples and testing it all..... and to that we were kinda like....

It was a productive day where we each got more excited about the idea of having this shop... which we believe will be amazing. However, while we knew it would be work. We had a little more of an idea of the work that will need to go into it. Also, we were able to see what was and was not functioning as well as it could or should here and talked about ways where we can tailor things to allow us to not have as much work. 

Although we were kind disappointed in the lack of coffee we were able to drink today, which equaled zero. We were happy with the amount of encouragement we received when we realized we can roast coffee successfully!

Now to bed before we learn some more roasting techniques and cupping tomorrow. 

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