Wednesday 8 February 2017

Coffee Bootcamp: Trying to get here!

Well, overall we traveled for 24 hours to get to Guatemala! On Monday we made it to Ixtapaluca with enough time to hang out with the Fry family for a bit before heading to the airport to spend the night... time in travel.... 5 hours. 

The next day was the killer. We expected two very short flights. The first one to Cancun was easy and we got there on time. The strange part was as soon as we were off the flight someone from our airline was waiting for us. He shuffled us around the airport like we were infants and he was afraid we would miss our next flight... which we almost did. The guy also informed us that we had an hour, and we didn't so we heard our names over the loud speaker! HA! 

The next flight left early.... we knew it would be a short, little over an hour flight.... on our descent into Guatemala the pilot came on and said, in Spanish of course, something to the tune of.... "There was some sort of accident at the airport in Guatemala. All we know is the airport is closed for two hours. But, don't worry we have enough fuel for 1.5 hours." 


Turns out it was a helicopter crash, and a doozie of one at that! We were told that it flew up from somewhere and then crash landed at the airport. Kinda a miracle it landed there instead of anywhere else in the city where it could have killed even more people. 

Very shortly later they told us they were turning around and flying back to Cancun to refuel. The entire time we had hope that they would just fuel and fly back. 

Well, no. They got us all off the plane and for the next 6 or 7 hours they changed the planes, times and gates about four million times. But, they did give us food coupons, so thats a plus!

The biggest positive that we saw in this whole situation is..... there were two new mommies on the flight. One with a seven month old and one with a two month old, both traveling alone and both frazzled. We were able to help them in several ways over those hours that allowed them to get some food, get organized and have people to talk to. One mom (of the seven year old) was about to lose her mind and when Heather asked if we could help she basically threw the baby at her. He is a cutie! She ended up, without knowing anything about us or even our names (and i add we didn't know the babies name or hers at this point either) leaving us with her baby for at least a half hour alone. Of course, we knew the baby was safe, and apparently she trusted us, but... wow!

Anyways, we ended up getting to Guatemala super late and then a three hour drive through the windy curvy mountains... motion sickness breeding ground.

Around 3am we were able to go to bed.... a little sick, tired and grumpy but thankful for a bed!

We planned today as a day off before starting to do training so we are thankful for that as well. Naps might be in the order as we still look a little zombie ish.

Until the next adventure...

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