Monday 23 January 2012

10 things I have learned in Jesus Maria's Park

1. You can use just about anything to strap your baby into the swing. Since there is no baby swings, I have seen people get creative. One man (I am assuming grandpa) takes off his belt everyday, wraps it around the two ends of the swing and TADA! I have also seen a sweater, rope, and some sort of hose!

2. Dogs like to play soccer too! Well, they love to chase the soccer ball when there is a heated game going on. It does nothing but tick the guys off playing, but it amuses me!

3. If you aren't careful the pizza man, on his little scooter thing will run you over when he comes zipping through the park!

4. I can now pick out the shady people in the neighborhood based on the activity they do in the park. One group of guys I will always avoid... when you walk by them they smell like pot and they are always trying to get my attention, and there is a guy always selling "something" to young people. There are also the super nice people you see everyday and start to develop a friendship with.... but, I believe it mostly has to do with my super cute dog!

5. People here either take SUPER good care of their dog... or they don't. The people that do take care of them have little outfits and matching leashes. If there is more then one, they have matching outfits with the others. And one lady has five dogs. the boys have blue jackets and the girls... pink! haha
Then there are the dogs that are all matted and you aren't sure you want to touch.

6. You can fit FIVE people on a single bike. Its like a family vehicle.

7. You can always tell what happened the night before by the type of trash left over the next day.... And that's why we don't go in the park after about 6:30pm.

8. They teach kids in Mexico how to play soccer as soon as they take their first steps. There is a class on Wednesday that teaches toddlers how to kick around a ball.

9. On any average day I see 5-10 people in the park that I know, usually from church or english classes, and you need to stop and at least say hi to them. There is no such thing as a continual walk with the doggie! And at first i thought it was annoying, and now i have come to enjoy it!

10. Because i am white.... I get asked if i give english classes about 10 times a day!

there might be a 2nd edition of this post... stay tuned =)

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  1. There's a pizza man in Jesus Maria?!? No one told me.