Thursday 19 January 2012

Meet Our Community Center

Thanks for making this (and letting me use it), Jim!

That is our wonderful community center. We don't own all the locales, we own three. And they aren't all together! 

The one on the far right, with the yellow and red awning... that is the newest addition. It is kinda set up as a kitchen. So, we are going to use it on our big events for food... we are also using it for the Amigas del Alma baking class. Tiffany received a donation to buy a brand new oven/stove. 

The one right in the middle, with the little monster on the front of it... that is the original community center. We use that for a little of everything. But, mostly it is used for most of our classes.

And we own the one on the left that has the door open. That is going to be our new coffee shop! It will open Monday, and be open three nights a week. We have spent a lot of time in renovating it, and the tables should be ready on Saturday! Here is another picture of it (ill post another when everything is in place!)...

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