Wednesday 11 January 2012

Stream of Consciousness

I don't have anything of substance to say today (or... you know, really any day), but i feel like i need to post SOMETHING. I mean, I left you without a word for so many days in a row, it is like I used up all my vacation time. So, I figured I would do something we used to do in high school when we had to journal every day. Instead of a prompt on the board when we walked in it would say, "stream of consciousness." Which pretty much meant we were suppose to write whatever came to mind first. Boring? sometimes. Random? always!

So welcome to my first blog "stream of consciousness"

In high school most of these things sounded something like, "I wish my parents would let me do ______" Or "I met a boy, i think i am going to marry him". Hopefully I have moved past that!

So, I think a lot of bloggers have decided that blogging more often is part of their new years resolutions because my feedreader has exploded. I just don't have time to read a thousand entries a day. I mean... I do important things... like reading (I am on book 5 for the year!!), or cleaning my house, or feed my dog, or go to the gym, get things ready for the craziness that begins next week!

I actually made a list of my new years resolutions. I broke them down to bite size pieces so i can mark them off faster! I am a very goal oriented person. You should see my to-do lists. They are as long as a football field, but it isn't as overwhelming as you might thing. I like to put little things on them just so i can cross them off! Things like... "brush teeth". That is way easier to check off than " do all of the laundry including sheets, blankets, and dog bed" or "learn to speak spanish fluently."

Speaking of spanish.. I am still working on that one.

Today Tiffany and I had really good coffee at  little coffee stand near walmart today... her exterminator came early so we had some time to kill before we were getting picked up at Walmart with all of the coffee shop stuff. 

Oh, the coffee shop... We bought everything we need to get started today.... should open monday. Cameron, a guy who is visiting us from Cali took a pic... see below!

Last week, Tiffany and I joined a gym. All we seem to do here is eat (well we do other things... but people always invite us to eat)... so why not make it a habit to workout too! Day one... went well! Day two... not so well. The gym has this trainer every morning. So we decided to use him. BAD IDEA! He had us doing 80 YES 80 lunges with weights. The next few days we could barely walk. We should of known it was going to be a bad idea when the first question out of his mouth was " so when was the last time you were in a gym?" and then he kept walking up to the mirror, pulling up his shirt and admiring his abs!

So, today... first day back since last week... we did not want to go...but we did! Proud of us! But, it was closed. FOR LUNCH? really? only in Mexico! Tomorrow we will go twice to make up for it! =)

Last night, I was reading before bed when I heard a crackling noise and started smelling smoke. When i got up and looked out my window this is what i saw...
my neighbor burning their christmas tree in the street... notice the flames are as tall as the house. I am grateful for no wind and cement houses. 

Well, that is all i have for today. I am off to work on the coffee shop, get things to make the arch for this weekends wedding, or maybe i will fold that laundry! maybe ;)

Hope you have a great day!!

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