Wednesday 18 January 2012

Crazy time in Mexico City

Here is a combi. We ride combi's frequently! It is the mode of transportation that is CHEAP and convenient where i live. It is also the first leg of public transportation to get to Mexico City (about 45min ride to la paz). Nothing to crazy today... just the normal sardine feeling.

This is the metro. I hate when it is this crowded. People push and shove and you cant breath!
Today on the metro...
* There was a very drunk guy with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He almost landed on Tiffany!
* a crazy man sat RIGHT next to me... big stick and all. Tiffany tried to cover her laughing by putting her sunglasses on and her head down. That just made it worse. He kept  asking her if she was crying (yes, that is how hard she was laughing). I would scoot over... so would he. He of course wanted to talk. Asked where we were from and if we knew where Mount Rushmore was. He told  us we were about to pass it. haha
* Two guys were passed out on one metro as we got on. They smelled like urine and alcohol. The conductor woke them up. One guy got off right away... but the other. oh boy. He was stumbling around.... sniffing something... sucking on a plastic bag...and sucking his thumb. People on the metro were literally gagging. gross. 
*And last but not least... someone dropped a used nasty condom by my foot. Somethings should be thought about too much.

This is Mexico City. Somewhere down there we were a little lost. well I wouldn't say LOST.... because we knew how to get back to what we knew. 
But, this was our conversation...
Tiffany: We aren't lost, we are seeing a new part.
Tina: But, I don't think part is safe for us.
Tiffany: I agree.

Lets just say.. if we ever decide we want to be prostitutes we know a good area.

Home safe now!

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