Saturday 4 August 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I am back from the US! I had a great trip which started in Colorado for a huge reunion of all of our missionaries at Camino Global. It was an incredible time of learning about the history of our mission and seeing what is in store for the future. We named a new president, kicked off a new website and met a whole bunch of new people! I loved every minute of it! Then it was off to Nebraska where I spent nearly 2 weeks catching up with family and friends mostly in Omaha, Lincoln, and Fremont and giving updates on the ministry here in Mexico! I am an incredibly blessed person when it comes to my friends in the states and I am glad I got to catch up with a lot of them--- and wish I could have seen the ones that I didn't see... but time sure does go fast! Three weeks was a long time to be gone... I was sad to leave all the people in Nebraska again, but more then ready to be back here, home, in Ixtapaluca! So, it is back to the norm around here. Whatever norm is!

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