Tuesday 14 August 2012


Having a dog definetly has its joys and challenges....

They really are always your best friend...  unlike cats! ;)

My dog, Maggie, happens to be one GREAT dog! She is always there greeting me when I get home. When I leave she goes upstairs, jumps on the bed, sticks her head out of the window, and watches me walk down the street until she can not see me any longer. When I am sick she lays right next to me. When I am lonely, shes always there. When I get scared she gets defensive. and on and on and on.

Of course there is always the down sides to dogs too... They are alot of work. They need fed, need let out, expensive to travel with, sometimes they need to go to the vet,  they always want attention!

But, who knew my dog would actually be part of ministry! I didn't! But, there are people who come up to me in the park wanting to pet her... then start asking why i live here, when are classes in the community center, I work for a chuch? which one?
Sometimes I only see and talk to them once... but other people I see and talk to weekly and sometimes daily. It has been fun to see the relationships with these people (mostly woman and thier kiddos) grow this last year!

There is this group of kids that did live on my street, the would come over all the time but then moved. They are back. I love them! I am not sure if they are here for summer break or if they moved back... because they don't seem to know!
But tonight, I took Maggie to go bathroom and on the way back one of the little girls was sitting on the curb crying. She looked up and Maggie dragged me over to this little girl. Maggie layed next to the girl on the curb, licked her face, and put her head on her lap. I sat down next to my dog and asked the little girl if she was ok. She never told me what happened she just said "Maggie your my favorite friend".

I love my dog. I love how sweet she is, especially with little kids. I know she is alot of work but definetly worth it.

Currenty, she is sleeping next to me snoring like an old man ;)

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