Sunday 12 August 2012


My blog has been slightly lame lately, sorry! I have been enjoying a little down time, getting some stuff in my house done, catching up with people back here in Mexico!

Last night, I went to a house of someone here on my street and had tacos with thier family. I had fun hanging out with them. They actually don't live here anymore, they are just here for vacation to visit family. Thier kiddos love my dog, and when they did live here they were frequent visitors for Maggie!

Well unfortunately, I thought the meat tasted funny when I was eating it at thier house yesterday... and about 2am I was proven right! I spent the next few hours with awful stomach cramps and a couple quick  runs to the bathroom! Too much information? Sorry!

I just woke up again, feeling better. But sadly, I didn't go to church.

Anyways, that is my fun story for the day! Maybe tomorrow I will have something better to report!

In other news, Mexico won thier first Gold Medal in Soccer. And thier first gold medal of the olympcs yesterday! I had fun hanging out with the Cottrills watching the game!

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