Thursday 16 August 2012

mmmm... crepes!

Our coffee shop is incredible. It has really turned into a place where we just hang out, talk, play games, have fun together!

A desire to make our coffee shop self sustaining AND making enough profit to pay someone to work at it fueled our new idea... CREPES!

Today we had our first attempt at making them. different types!
First-- chicken, cheese, and spinach
Second-- banana chocolate chip
Third-- Peanut Butter, banana, chocolate chip!

They definetly got much better the more we got the hang  of making them... we will have to practice more ;)

 Crepes will be sold at the coffee shop every Thursday starting in September during the lunch hour! We will have two different type every thursday (one lunch kind and one sweet kind)! PLUS its a way to get new people coming to our coffee shop... then hopefully the community center classes... start a relationship with them.... and eventually (hopefully) get to share the gospel with them!

Why thursday? That is when the market is there!

Why Crepes? Have you ever eaten them... sooo good!

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