Wednesday 12 September 2012

A New Cultural Experience!

Yesterday we went to our FIRST Mexico Soccer game!! Mexico vs. Costa Rica!
Check THAT off the "Mexico Bucket List"

I think, we thought, it would be like going to an American Football game at home. Well, some aspects were... nose bleed section, lots of chants, the wave, selling food, two teams playing....

But, I learned some new Mexican culture...
1. At home we taunt the other team... especially when they are about to kick (or whatever).... In unison the ENTIRE stadium, when the other teams goalie kicks the ball, screams and then yells not so nice things.... EVERY SINGLE TIME!
2. I leaned some new vocab-- that I will never use again! ;) I actually don;tknow what some of it means--- but it might be good just to leave it at that- I am sure if a Mexican went to an US football game they would hear things in english too =0)
3. Instead of nachos and popcorn... they sell ramen noodles and cups of fruit! But, yes, everything was still rediculously priced!
4. The line at the bathroom durning half time.. SUPER SHORT!!!!!
5. Just like where ever you go--- as you go in, unless accompanied by a body gaurd (fabian) everyone will want you to buy something from them!
6. No half time show--- people just kickin the ball around... wheres the entertainment! =)
7. They dont really LEAVE the field at half time... they blow up this inflatable thing and everyone gets inside!
8. AND when Mexico scores a goal--- Everyone throws thier beer. Which means you get beer on you!

IT was a great time and I hope we get to go to more games!

Next.... a lucha fight!

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