Friday 14 September 2012

Nothing is easy--- everything is comical!

Here is a story.... we need a car, like seriously!

After heading to the gym today, with a list and giant reusable bags, we headed for the big market in Ixtapaluca.

We are getting ready for tomorrows festivities (Independence Day in Mexico)... We needed LOTS of kilos of veggies (for tinga and salsa), 50 ears of corn (feed corn not sweet unfortunately), 3 more (special ordered) pinatas, candy to fill them, cheese, etc.

We thought it would be heavy but do you know how much 50 ears of corn weigh? ugh! Well actually 48... they come in groups of 24 and they didnt know how to charge us for 2 extra! haha.

I have to say the veggie lady was REALLY nice! Helping the gringas figure out how many kilos of everything are needed =)

After finishing with the veggies... we begin carrying the million pounds of stuff we now have.... and bag number one breaks...and bag number two starts to rip. We still have to go to the pinata place! Tiffany is now laughing (uncontrolably)  becuase she is convinced she looks like a pregnant penguin while carrying her bag--- and i would have to agree!

So, we put this stuff outside and i sit with it while Tiffany goes and gets the rest of the stuff.

At this point we have no idea how we are getting home... combi? ya right! Taxi... will it all fit? yikes!

Fortunately (well kinda)... we were only able to get the candy today because our nice pinatas got destroyed in the giant storm we had last night! So, we get to take another trip back to get the pinatas in the morning!

So, we pick up all  of our stuff and kinda run... kinda hobble over to the taxis (why can't they park closer?!?!)

Don't worry they saw us coming and quickly opened the trunk for us (all while holding back thier chuckles!!).

We are back and ready to husk all that corn now!

Nothing is easy but everything is comical!

But, a car would be nice--- maybe one day!

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