Tuesday 25 September 2012

Boa Hunting

I am curious to know--- how long will it take before I don't have expectations anymore. Let me explain in a story.

Last week when we were in Honduras, we got the opportunity to go on a little excursion for the day! Leaving mainland to go to the islands to hang out at the "prettier beaches".

We take a little boat to the first island. Beautiuful... but not the typical beach... and really no place to hang out. But it was just a stop on our little tour!

We go to the second beach. Also very beautiful.... and where we will be spending the rest of the day. It is one of those rare treasures you come across, it was a beach basically not touched ... the way God designed it!

And behind the beach was a jungle. So pretty!

Our guide askes us if we want to go see the famous boa. He had told us about it. It is only found on one island. He said it is a five min walk.

Of course we say YES-- who wouldn't want to see a famous caged boa!

We start walking deeper and deeper into this jungle (keep in mind we are ready for the beach... not hiking!!)

I am paying attention to smacking the bugs off me when i run into the back of Tiffany.

Then i realize what just happened.

Tiffany asked our guide where this snake was/.... His repsonse "I am searching for it"

She froze.  I ran into her!

Americans -- thinking everything is in a neat little cage!

We found those big ol nasty boas hanging out and blending into the trees. In fact we saw about 10 of them! He kept saying they were calm because they didn't bite... my logic says "no but they WILL strangle you to death--- slow and painful"

I am not sure when I will figure out that my expectations don't always line up with everyone elses!

Anyways, I went boa hunting have you?

(by the way we had a AMAZING rest of the day... and a great story to tell!)

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