Thursday 27 September 2012

Crepes, Classes and Wheelchairs!

Lots going on around here the last few days!

we started off our community center stuff this week-- english, knitting, basketball,guitar and drum classes are in full swing!

Today also started our Crepe selling buisness. Every Thursday from 12-3 we are selling crepes out of our locales.
Two reasons:
1. To try to create relationships with the people who come to the market near us (its there every Thursday!)
2. its the first effort to make the community center/ coffee shop self sustaining and able to pay someone a little to keep it going when us gringos go on to the next church plant!

Today our crepe buisness did better then I anticipated for the first week--- we at least covered cost of the supplies!
In other news, we are going to be doing ANOTHER wheelchair outreach--- not in our neighborhood... you can read about it on Rod's Blog!

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