Saturday 14 April 2012

30 before 30!

But, I was thinking about everything I want to do in my little life and thought I would make a 30 before 30 list! I know i have a while before I am thirty, but i dont want life to pass me by!
Ready? Go!

1. Sit on the beach and watch the sunrise and the sunset
2. Read 100 new books
3. Visit Copper Canyon
4. Do something for 30 random strangers
5. Go on a road trip in Mexico
6. Make a suprise visit home
7. Be able to run a half marathon (not necessarily do it, but be able to!)
8. Read the chronological bible
9. finish paying school loans off (I am soo close!)
10. Go to a Mexican Soccer game
11. Find new ways to encourage the people I am around the most.
12. Learn how to make some new Mexican dishes
13. Say 'yes' to something I would normally say 'no' to
14. Memorize more scripture (memorize the book of romans)
15. Accept a marriage proposal (of course, this one may not work, but I can hope!)
16. Get something published, in any form
17. Visit 30 cities in Mexico
18. knit a blanket
19. Write more!
20. learn to tie a cherry stem with my tongue
21. learn how to drive a stick shift--- in a city!
22. See 10 Classic movies i have never seen
23.  Be able to speak in front of a large group--- in spanish!
24. Try to surf
25. Continue teaching myself guitar
26.Fall in love with a new-to-me band.
27. Be able to do 100 consecutive pushups
28. Finish an entire coloring book
29. buy myself a nice piece of jewlery
30. sew an artical of clothing--- one that i would actually wear!

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