Tuesday 3 April 2012

Little joys!

“Look around here and see: doesn’t this show you that it’s only the small things that we love best, that make the real difference? Nothing big ever replaces the sight of winter boots all lined up, or the sound of the click of the front doors locked against the darkness each night. Consider cooling pies. The impossibly small size of your own child’s shoe. The briefest look in your direction from a particular set of eyes at the moment your heart needs it most. Isn’t it those small things that add the necessary shape and meaning to our lives? And don’t we miss seeing them if we look too hard for the big things?” —Elizabeth Berg, Ordinary Lives.

It’s so true, isn’t?  I love that passage in Berg’s book of short stories called Ordinary Lives.
There are so many little things that bring me joy … very small things that often get overlooked …

The smell of a new book(or buying one on the kindle!!); the cozy yellow glow from house windows at night; the pure possibility of a beautifully blank journal; a hug from a small child; the smell of things baking, a hot mug of apple cider paired with a cinnamon stick and a good book; shelves and shelves of books to explore in a library or bookstore; the sound of the rain at night; looking at the volcanoes first thing in the morning; those huge, almost-fake-looking snowflakes that fall slowly and magically; when the moon is so large and bright it casts a silvery light; the poetry of old black and white photographs; the simple beauty of handmade pottery; the feeling of a dog curled up next to me; the smile of a strager  …

I hope i never get to the point where I start missing the little things!

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