Sunday 29 April 2012

God is good!

Last week one of my co-workers was robbed in broad daylight.  Mayra got out of her car at the pharmacy not very far from thier house and two guys came up to her with guns. They stole The Fry's brand new (only about a month old) car. It is amazing to me the story of how God not only protected Mayra and the fry family from things that could have been MUCH worse... but how the car was recovered completely intact... NOTHING wrong!

Read Rod's two blogs.The first one about the incident ...the second about the recovery.

Fortunately, these type of things (violence) isn't something that is typical around here.

Sometimes God places things in our lives.... and it makes me remember that this world is not our home.

But, things like this also make me remember that HE is totally good and has everything in control! That no matter what happens there will ALWAYS be a testimony afterwards... even if it doesn't end in a car coming back in perfect condition!

And I am blown away by the power of prayer too. Oh sure, we pray... but do we always pray knowing that God can literally move mountains? because He can!

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