Sunday 22 April 2012


So, those of you who know me really well, did you know that I like to be an over achiever? It is true! If there was ever an opportunity for extra credit... I did it. A challenge, I am up for it. A goal to be reached, a box to be checked, a list to go by... i love it. It makes me tick... like a time bomb!

In fact, my very top strength in the Strengthfinders (we did it as a staff when I worked at camp) is Achiever. Basically it means I have this insane desire to frame my checklists and to do list when i finish off each of my tasks. It means I feel completly and totally worthless, a useless human being if I am not able to finish multiple somethings from my list EVERY day. It means I am liable to write tasks down on my list after I have already done them so that I can look at them on a piece of paper, in neat handwriting, with a check next to them (or a line through them!). It means that I spend several nights a week staying up late finish a list OR laying in bed beating myself up for not doing something!

I even go so far as to think of my day as a list. Get up, brush teeth, take dog out, feed dog, go to gym etc etc etc etc,

Basically it means I drive my self crazy 99% of the time. It is my life, it is who i am. I have have come to terms with this, and typically I like it. They day I don't think about checking things off on my list is the day the pastor gives the eulogy.

Why do I bring this up? Because right now I am in Puebla studying spanish. Now, before I go any further God has not given me the gift of picking up a language quickly....
Anyways, I think of learning a language as a check list. I have a goal in my head and I am constantly frustrated and wanting to give up because i NEVER am able to check off what i WANT to accomplish for the day.

But I guess if nothing else, having a spanish check list keeps me motivated everyday to learn more-- even if its not all that I hoped for!

If you are curious my other four top strengthfinders things were...
1. Achiever
2. Belief
3. Adaptablity
4. Connectedness
5. Ideation

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  1. Mine are: Input; Intellection; Developer; Relator; and Communication. Basically, I love learning and collecting to help people grow; and love to talk about it. :)