Monday 30 April 2012

New Things in Jesus Maria!

Here are a couple of cool things happening here in good ol Jesus Maria!

There is this new study for ladies. It is called "It is difficult being a woman". Mayra is heading that project up. But they have had incredible numbers every week 30something the first and 50somthing the second. With a crazy amount of kiddos!
Please be praying for this. At least half of the woman are NOT from our church!

Today is dia de nino. The spend an extended weekend to celebrate kids! Tiffany and I tried to go to the movies today but decided that after seeing the line we would just go home! But, Marta put together a great program yesterda to celebrate the kids in our church.

Our first summer intern arrives Saturday! The others arrive at the end of May or begining of June. It will prove to be a crazy busy summer.... but I have never experienced a calm summer. I love it! Anyways, Myhiah is going to jump right into things. She will be teaching basketball and helping at the coffeeshop most of May!

Thanks for the pictures Rod!

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