Friday 2 December 2011

(24/30) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Ok, well tomorrow is OUR thanksgiving because we were crazy enough to think it was a GOOD idea (and it IS! it is just a lot of work!) to have a Thanksgiving "Dia de Gracias" Party here in Jesus Maria.

There could be 10 people there... there could be 100 people there.. we have NO idea! So, what happens when you have no idea how many people will show up with what they are suppose to bring to contribute to the big event... cook and cook and cook and cook!!

We have made turkeys and pies, cakes and center pieces, posters and invites.... etc.

Tomorrows "to do" list includes... setting up the tent, tables and chairs, decorating,  warming things, making all the casseroles, making three kilos of hard boiled eggs into deviled eggs....

Please be prayin for this event! That a TON of people come. That we have enough food. That we have fun! And for Rod who will be giving the devo on giving thanks! We invited families of people we know too, so there will probably be people there who don't know Christ as their savior. Pray we are great examples to them tomorrow! 

I have a new found appreciation for those grandmas out there who cook thanksgiving dinner every year!

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