Monday 19 December 2011

a busy week!

I feel like I haven't been home longer than to sleep and let my dog out in a week!

Normally, Mondays Tiffany, Fabian and I get together to pray for the youth in our church and neighborhood. But, last week it ended up being a time of prayer WITH the youth, for a boy in our group. It was incredible to see the youth group come together, probably more then they have ever before. They prayed, cried, laughed and then made cookies ;)

I don't want to go into a lot of details about what happened but you can be praying for one of the families in our church. The mom and one son have accepted Christ and one son and dad have not. One son is going through a huge trial currently and the family is going through a huge financial burden because of it... the church, like the youth group, has really come together to support this family. We had two days of a garage sale where people donated lots of stuff. And two nights of selling hamburgers. In all we raised about 3000 pesos! (300 dollarsish).

Friday, The women of the church (led by Mayra and Aurora) had an evangelistic breakfast. Praise God, they had a terrific turnout and the ladies heard (some for the first time, probably) the reason we celebrate Christmas!

Tiffany and I took care of the kiddos for this event. We had 32 kids and 2 youth and us in Tiffanys house! That is a real accomplishment if you have ever seen these houses! Thank God for the youth that helped... we couldn't have done it without them!
We colored, ate breakfast, decorated Christmas cookies... and watched a movie!

you would look like this too if you had to care for that many kids!!

That evening we had the youth Christmas party! 
Tiff and i made tinga (which is like a chicken, onion, tomato dish) and lots of Ponche (a traditional christmas drink!). We are slowly becoming more and more Mexican i think!

At the party... we ate, played games, had a pinata, danced, hung out, and had a Christmas devo! We were excited to see new youth come that were invited!

I also learned that a Christmas pinata has fruit and nuts in it... instead of candy! That's different!

oh and one more picture before i close this nice blog... One of our youth girls made this cookie... It is the Mexican flag and the US flag!

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