Tuesday 20 December 2011

Oh fun times with the dog.

Last night about 9ish pm Maggie was playing when she jumped on the couch. I heard her start whining and turned around just in time to see her fall off of the couch. She was having a seizure type thing and trying to crawl to me. It nearly broke my heart to see the fear in her eyes.

Once she was better Fabian, Tiffany and I took her to our local dog expert, Nimpha.
She walked fine for about 10 minutes and then could barely stand.
Nimpha and her husband took us to the vet (it was 930 by then!)
They gave her some shots, looked her over and thought it was some sort of heart condition.

Today, Mayra, Tiffany and I took her to get a x-ray. We see this little clinic but surely that can not be it.. its for humans! But, it WAS! They did x-rays and lab tests for humans and animals! haha ... seriously anything is possible in this country!
As we were leaving the lab they were doing a blood draw on a guy in the door way... they stopped half way through just to let us by... i don't think i would EVER really want to go there.
When we first got there we had to pay, of course. 200 pesos to be exact. Then we were sitting there waiting and they wanted another 50 pesos. Mayra, thank God she was there ... pretty much told them NO! She thinks it was because we were white and speaking in english.
I was surprised at how well Maggie did during the x-rays. she stayed pretty still! Praise God! They just went right ahead and did the x-rays while the three of us were standing there. I am happy to report that we got our allotted dose of radiation for they year too!

THEN, we have to go drop off the x-ray to the vet...and then wait all day to get a call back!

Tonight the Fry's came and picked me and Maggie up and took us back to the vet. Rod played games in the car while Mayra and I tried to figure it all out!
Of course they want all of Maggie's shot records. Which i WOULD have if they didn't lose and or keep at the airport when we flew in! They lost the originals and kept for some reason the copies. But i had enough to satisfy them!
They think Maggie has hypertension.... a heart issue. A couple days of shots, and vitamins and a switch of diet... oh and watching the exercise routine. She should be ok.... maybe with a few more seizures here and there.

The vet also told me...
*her heart is in the wrong place
* her ribs are shaped funny.

Rod is probably right tho, they have probably never seen a dog of Maggie's type before. So the above things may or may not be true!

Anyways... if i was in the states and did all of that i am sure it would of costed hundreds of dollars.
This is what i spent...
250 pesos last night for original visit
200 pesos for xray
150 pesos for three days of shots
600 pesos total
figuring in the current exchange rate... $43.79 dollars!

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