Monday 26 December 2011


This was my FIRST year not in Nebraska for Christmas. We stayed busy enough that i didn't notice my homesickness until today.

Christmas service for church was held at the locales this year. It was cold and dark. But it was a great time to hang out with our church family. We even enjoyed dinner after! Tiffany and I learned how to make Mexican meat!

We made a few cakes for the random parties we were going to...

Christmas Eve is their big parties here. Of course they are filled with pinatas, fireworks, dancing, family, and lots and lots of food. I (and Tiffany and Jenna) went to Fabian's family for Christmas eve. It was a great time. They party all night long here.. We finally got home around 4:15am.

On Christmas day... we got up ... after only a few hours of sleep to have a Christmas breakfast and exchange a few little gifts with each other.

And then we went to the Cottrills. We hung out and had a Christmas dinner with them... turkey, potatoes and all the fixins! It was good to have a little normalcy to our Christmas!
Thanks Cottrill's =)

It was a great Christmas! I love Mexico!

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