Thursday 29 December 2011

New Experiences!

Tiffany and I LOVE when our friends come and visit us... we get to do new things!

This week, Jenna came to visit (Tiffany's friend from home!)
Here are some things we got to do!

El  Nido (Apparently, it is the third largest bird sanctuaries in the world... and its within walking distance from my house!)

We got to hike Navado de Taluca. Probably one of the prettiest places i have ever been. It is a volcano with lakes in the craters.

And then we went to Teotihuacan... sun and moon pyramids.

OH ya! We also got to eat in a cave!

I wonder where our next adventure is going to be?


  1. Ok, I´ll admit it. The whole Toluca volcano trip looks really cool. Still not sure about that bird sanctuary, though.

  2. oh come on rod... wheres your sense of adventure!?!?!

    ps... we should take the interns to toluca!