Sunday 11 December 2011

crazy busy weekend!

Friday we had the closing party for all of the community center classes! It was a great night... lots of Christmas carols, laughs and talking about the Christmas story.
It had great attendance... at least more then i thought was going to show up!
And i got to make Ponche for the first time!!! Ponche is a really yummy hot fruit drink!!
 I am not going to write it all here... because well my co worker did a great job of explaining it (with pictures and all!)... so check it out.

Starting bright and early at 8am we had a youth group project. They painted the bottoms of trees in Jesus Maria (to keep the bugs from attacking the trees). AND we finished painting the coffee shop! We risked Tiffany's life a few times but it is finished! Now to buy the stuff we need and decorate!! =)

Last night, i got to experience my FIRST earthquake! I actually had no idea what was happening at first. I thought i was going a little crazy ;) I was walking on the street when it happened and I think it lasted a minute or two. Everyone was flooding out of their houses... No one around here was hurt and buildings are still standing.. fortunately we weren't near the epicenter. 
You can find more information about the earthquake at:

Today was church... and then youth group! We had a great time with the youth. We watched the Louis Giglio video "how great is our God". Then we played game ... a scavenger hunts of sorts! Lots of fun... one group brought back a dead turtle... and one group a bag of poo! oh youth group!

Finally, tonight Fabian, Tiffany, and I went to see the new Courageous movie! It IS in theaters here in Mexico now!! GREAT MOVIE... everyone should see it!

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