Tuesday 13 March 2012


Community: a unified body of individuals, an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location.

I loved where I was living... Fremont. I felt as though, for the first time in my life, I was part of a real Christian community. In fact, those people are one of the things I miss most about home.

But, I have been in Mexico for a while now... and from the second day (the first day i was in a plane for most of it and exhausted by the time I got to my new home!) I felt completely welcome by the community here. God has been so gracious to provide for me in so many ways. I have a great team of people I work with. We all have our strengths... and weakness, and we fit together to serve and bring Him glory!

I can not say enough about the amazing people here too. They come together in any event, either good or bad, and do what needs to be done! They truly care about each other, look out for each other, love each other and welcome people in and make them feel loved and comfortable instantly. On any given night I can be hanging out with people at their house or mine or the coffee shop... just drinking coffee (just enough that i have trouble sleeping later that night) and laughing and talking!

I know, without a doubt, if i EVER needed anything around here, i would have 10 woman instantly willing to help... and believe me, that has come in handy when I didn't know where to buy something, or do something (especially when i first got here!).

In some ways, Jesus Maria (where I live) has shown me more about what a community should look like, then I have ever seen before!

God has provided all I need... and more!

It is fun to building the relationships with people here (both from our church and not!) Some relationships seem to take more time (especially when they don't go to our little church).

I still miss my friends/community in Fremont. However, it is nice to feel welcome and feel that same sense of community here.... in the new place i call home!

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