Friday 23 March 2012

How is that coffee shop going?

All  the time i get the question "how is the coffee shop going? So, I sat down to update you all... and Rod must have read my mind and wrote it first!

So, go read it!

But, as he said, it has been a great place to hang out, get to know people, plan weddings, laugh, cry, drink coffee, take naps on the couch, read, etc.

I love how we not only get the church people coming in, but some others as well. Even though we don't make a profit... really no profit, it has been a great outreach!

In other news,
We are gearing up for a CRAZY BUSY weekend.

Today we are practicing for the 15th birthday of a girl in our church. The 15th bday is highly celebrated here in Mexico!

Tomorrow is the Birthday party which will take most of the day through most of the night!

And then Sunday is our big 2 year anniversary celebration of our church here in Jesus Maria. I am sure it will be a great time of celebrating all God has done here in this community!

By Sunday night... I am sure that we will all be ready for a good long NAP!!!

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