Tuesday 20 March 2012

Earthquakes and Other News!

Yes we did experience an earthquake today! My second one since being in Mexico! I come from the land of tornados... NOT earthquakes! =)

I kinda felt like I was going crazy when it was happening. Its not everyday that the ground, walls, windows etc start shaking!

It was a 7.6 earthquake... and I don't know much about what that means! But, i do know that it was a fairly big one! Felt throughout 1/3 of mexico!

Everyone here seems to be fine! Please pray for the people close to the epicenter, I am sure a lot more damagewas done there!

Here you can see the reports about it... http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0008m6h.html

In other news...
These next two weeks are going to be CRAZY busy!
*Tonight Tiffany and I are starting a youth grils bible study at my house. (It will be at the same time the other 2 bible studies are going on)
* Saturday is Claudia(agirl in our church) 15th birthday. I am pretty sure that they pay for most quincianos then they do for weddings! But, I am excited, should be a GREAT time! Tiff and I are dancing with her as one of her dances. We are spending the week practicing!
*Sunday is our 2nd annivasary of the church here in Jesus Maria!
*Next friday is the closing ceremony of this set of community center classes!
*Next Saturday is our community outreach Easter Egg Hunt!

Please be praying for all of these events!

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