Thursday 1 March 2012

False Expectations

Just my thought for the night.

I definitely consider myself to be an optimist. I have a very positive outlook on life andI would typically describe myself as flexible and easy going. I would also define myself as visionary, with high standards for myself. 

I think that because I’m an optimist, I visualize myself overcoming incredible odds to achieve an idea I have in my head, or if for some reason I have aimed too high and don’t achieve the dream, and then try not to beat myself up for not to beat myself up for what I was not able to accomplish.\ This concept generally works better the more successful I am. Over the years however, I’ve noticed a tendency I have that seems to really work against me. It is the whole concept of false expectations. 

Having unmet expectations is probably hard for anyone, but especially for people who paint a picture in their mind of how something is supposed to look or how a situation is supposed to turn out, and then it doesn’t at all, not even close! I can think of a few very specific examples of this playing out in my life. 

I always had set my expectations high and had been disappointed. I’m definitely not saying we shouldn’t have expectations, but how do we have them without going overboard? There have been many times that shooting for the stars has really helped me thrive and accomplish many goals. You’ll be glad to know that I don’t throw fits when I’m disappointed anymore, but I still have to fight the disappointments I face in my everyday life, when plans don't work out, when I have to miss something I was looking forward to, when people don't cooperate, or one of my favorites- when I am not as good at something as i want to be.

Finding this balance is a quest I’m still on.

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