Thursday 29 March 2012

eggs, cookies, and birthday parties!

Tiffany and I have been trying to get ready for everything coming at us in the next week.
Quick run down.
Tomorrow--- closing ceremony of the community center activities
Saturday--- GIANT community easter egg hunt
Sunday--- Church and youth group
Monday-thursday---- VBS, english, baking etc with a group from Canada

** Please be in prayer for all of these things. That people would come, that hearts would be open to hearing the gospel, AND that we have a great time! **

Today we spent the majority of the afternoon making 500 easter cookies to decorate and hardboiling 10 kilos of eggs for saturday.

Ever wonder what 10 kilos of eggs looks like?
and this is what they look like cooking!

and baking cookies... first the 12 reciepes of dough
the fun begins!

But the fun didnt end there, although we were both exhausted. Iris told us it was her sons birthday and asked us to bake a cake and have the party in the coffee shop tonight!

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