Wednesday 7 March 2012

sharing the passion

Today I had some friends pop by Ixtapaluca! (well, one is a friend ... she worked for me this summer at camp! And two others... who are NOW friends!)

Anyways, I got to go get them from Mexico City and show them around here.... what we do here in Jesus Maria, organized some of the community center stuff... and hung out!

It is always good to have people you know stop by and say Hi!

It is interesting that I can send out e-mails, write blogs, write facebook posts about what happens here... about what goes on... about what God is doing here.... but, when they come and visit... hear the stories, and meet the people themselves... that's when they "get" it!  That's when they understand. That is when see for themselves my passion. They see what God is really up to in this amazing community that I am living in.

I thank God for my time here in Jesus Maria. He is transforming a community... He is changing me and my heart.
And I am grateful for opportunities to share that with others.

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