Wednesday 2 May 2012

fun things coming up!

I am excited about the future! There are a lot of fun things just around the corner!

... this weekend we have our recognition serivice for our first pastor and elder of our little church plant! So, we will be busy with that... plus I have a family hanging out at my house all weekend!

... Myhiah is coming in on Saturday. She will be interning here this summer. She will be here around 2.5 months!

... Next week we are starting a three week basketball class. Myhiah will be leading that! We get to hand out flyers tomorrow (not my favorite thing to do!)

... I fly out next thursday to be with one of my best friends in florida. I am very excited I get to celebrate her wedding with her!

...the other interns and visitors will arrive later this monthish. And there will be loads of fun things going on with them!

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