Sunday 27 May 2012

Sope's, hot days and laughing!

All of us were invited over to make sopes for breakfast yesterday. (Sopes are a thicker corn tortolla that you raise the edges a litte so you can put yummy stuff in it). It was a first for me! I've had sopes, but never had the experience in learning how to make them! Good food. good friends!

Since we ended up spending much ofthe morning at Chela's house for breakfast we didn't make it to the gym... so tiff and I thought it would be a good idea for us to do our running workout outside.... running around Jesus Maria. If you are ever interested 2 times around is a 5k! It is alot harder running outside then on a treadmill.... but 3.5 of run walk DONE!

And finally, Tiff, Fabian, and I went to sorianna  to finish getting food for tomorrow.... we ended up lauging harder then I have in a very long time. Im talking streams of tears coming down my face, spitting out the liquid in my mouth, face hurting laughing. Good times!

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