Saturday 19 May 2012

So, whats new?

Whats new?

Well... not a ton! I think we have all been enjoying the last few weeks being a little calmer then normal. We still have normal church activities, coffee shop, some english classes etc. But, in a few weeks we will be super busy!

Tiffany and I actually have begun a 7 week 5k training program. So that has consumed some of our time this last week! It has been fun and left our bodies a little tired. You wouldn't think running 3.1 miles would take so much work haha

We have Myhiah here (from the great state of NEBRASKA!!). She has been teaching (or at least playing) Basketball three days a week.

In the next few weeks we have lots of people coming to visit, lots of activities going on, and lots of very early morning gym times! =)

I am super excited to see what God does here in Jesus Maria this summer... and how He will use all of the people coming! PLUS, I love the craziness that comes along with all the people coming. I really enjoy when things are crazy busy for a time.

Well that is all for now. I know this is a kinda lame post... but I have been enjoying the quiet!

Here is a blog from a coworker, Rod--- it is about our need for property for our church!

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