Thursday 24 May 2012

This is why we have the coffee shop!

I get asked, by nearly everyone who knows about the coffee shop, if we make money. Well.... the answer is not even close! But, we don't do it to make money.

This shocks people. How do you pay for it? Why don't you raise the prices? etc etc.
The reality is this is a ministry to our community. It is an place to hang out, a place to talk, learn english (or more spanish in my case).... a place to build relationships!

Thats why today seemed so great! It pretty much started normal... but with in the three hours we were open....

2 girls showed up (they came to basketball yesterday) and wanted to practice english. That ended with a presentation of the Gospel.

One other girl (Elizabeth) who has been coming the past couple weeks to study for her english exam to get into the college she wants to go to. The first day she came (last week sometime) her and I talked about what is different with Christians. Then on Monday we talked about it a little more. Today, Sophia presented the Gospel to her.

Then we had two friends from Sendero de Vido 1 come visit us and have a little bible study and stayed to chat, it was a definete pleasure to hang out with them!

Then to close down for the day we all prayed we got to pray for Elizabeth before she left.

Of course we all indulged in cake, frappes and mochas (gave most of them away!) while this was all happening!

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