Monday 14 May 2012

Part Two: Quirkiness of living in Mexico!

If you didn't get to see part one of this series click here!

I thought it would be fun to show you all at home the differences of living in good ol Fremont NE and here! It seems to always be an adventure here ... and I love it!

1. Cars make noises. I am convinced that people who have lived here thier entired life don't hear car alarms or horns anymore. Seriously. Car alarms are ignored and everyone is constantly honking at each other (as if it will help).

2. Anyone driving a car, bus, combi, moto, bike, scooter, donkey, horse.... they aren't afraid to hit you. That is why I always feellike I am playing the game of frogger!

3. Speaking of cars.... i think there is some hidden language with arms and flashers when driving. You turn your blinker on and it means nothing, but if you stick your hand outside you get to move over. And I am pretty sure if you put your flashers on... you can do anything while driving!

4. People think it is "cheap" to live in Mexico. And somethings are... like my rent is 2200 pesos a month(about 180 bucks). BUT... you can guarentee that you will have to tip 10 people a day. You have to tip the people bagging your groceries, "helping" you back up your car, taking out your trash, etc etc.

5. I think there are two times in Mexico. Late and later. Just know that you can show up between 30-45 minutes "late" (which means the time they gave you) and still be there before anything starts.

6. Any day or time of day electricity or water can go away for no reason at all. Although i have been fortunate and it only goes out a few hours at a time, it has the possibility to go out for days!

7. There is no such thing as a quiet night. I have a fan in my room to help block out the noises of outside. All night there will be dogs barking, people racing motos on my street, and parties happening!

8. Fruit is CHEAP... electronics are not.

9. Everyday plans will change about 15 times a day.... and if you have a to do list... count on only one thing getting done! Whether the place your going is closed, or someone invites you to come eat with them... plans always seems to change!

10. The potholes and manholes can be big enough to eat your dog or child and maybe even your car!

11. I think people wash their car.... everyday! I also they they sweep their driveway and sidewalks everyday too.

12.  You can buy almost everything on the side of the road, or while driving your car. It may not be legit but its usually cheaper!

13. There are sidewalks nearly everywhere and NOBODY uses them!

14. When you ask for directions from someone they usually won't know what they are talking about, but they will sound like they do!

15. Personal space doesn't exist in this culture... at all!

Looks like i have enough for a part three in the near future! keep looking!

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