Wednesday 16 May 2012

Part Three: Quirkiness of living in Mexico

Part Three:
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This will be the final part ... at least for now!

1. It is more rude to say "no, I can't come" then to just not show up.

2. Did you know that you WILL get sick if you workout and then walk outside without a sweatshirt on? They also don't open the windows to let cool air get in while working out. I guess they are use to that... I am not. I want cool air!

3. Speaking of sick. When you get sick they will give you 1001 remedies for your symptoms. I got sick a few months ago and I was told everything from chili powder on my feet to eating certain foods in certain mixtures. AND when you are sick you NEVER eat or drink anything cold!

4. There are about 10,347 speedbumps near where I live. While speedbumps are created to keep people driving slow.... Here they speed up as fast as they can between speedbumps and then slam on the breaks when they get to them. This is especially true for public transportation.

5. The police here carry giagantic guns. Especially when someone is working on a ATM. It still catches me off guard sometimes.

6. Buying in bulk isn't cheaper here... and sometimes it is even more expensive.

7. The food stands on the street ... yummmmmy! How can it not be yummy almost everything is fried!! I am sure they aren't always the most sanitary--- but i've never gotten sick!
8. Other food things.
Quesadillas are NOTHING like at home. They are made of corn... fried and soooo good!
You can buy corn on the cob (nothing like nerbaska sweet corn) on a stick smothered in mayo and chili powder
Tacos also nothing like home either. how do you explain them other then sooo good!

9. Often times there are random wires hanging down. I dont know if they are live or not... but it can't be safe!

10. They eat brain, tongue, stomach, ear, skin, hoof... etc etc. of an animal. I have tried everything that I have been given...

11. Entertainment. Clowns juggle for you at intersections (and you tip them!). AND many stores hire girls wearing practically nothing to dance outside the store. for example- the toilet store. (if you didn't know you wanted/needed a toilet before, when you saw those girls dancing you KNEW you needed it!)

12. Everything is "suppose" to open around 10am. But, don't plan on it! Just sleep in!

13. There is ONE gas station (pemex) and the government owns it. They tell you its not a monopoly.

14. You eat at different times. Like lunch at 2 or 3 and dinner around 9. But dinner is something small like bread or popcorn. Once you get use to it, you realize you actually like that schedule!

15. if someone shows you the back of their hand when saying "thanks", it is normal. Although the first time you see it you think its some obscene hand gesture.

16. The police drive around with the lights on just because and sometimes the sirens!

17. You have never experienced public transportation UNTIL you fit 15 people in a volkwagon beetle OR rode the metro in rush hour!


  1. The other day I was in Sorianna and we wanted to buy Kraft Singles. The 16 pack was $38 pesos but the 8 pack was 15 pesos. So we bought 2-8 packs. When I checked my receipt there was a 6 peso discount because I bought 2 packs. So I paid 24 pesos for 16 slices instead of 38. It's so weird to me :)